EDSOI provides dependable yellow / white pages data entry services that is shaped around skilled data entry specialists, imaging and scanning skills and devotion to global standards of data privacy and accuracy. Data entry of business schedule, pre-sales principals, addresses & Phone numbers is an efficiency way to order massive capacity of information from yellow pages so that you can use them for your business. The process compels keying of offline reserve in to the database or copy paste of online reserve. It’s time overpowering and careful but very useful in business.

Outsourcing not only gives you cost merits, but it also gives you the essential time and capital to invest back into the core real’s of your business. EDSOI offer yellow pages data entry, data scraping, data mining, data extraction, data gathering and mailing data collection services. We can also detention data and enter data into excel from yellow pages hardcopy (yellow pages directory).

Yellow Page Data Entry Services:

  • Data Research and Collection
  • No need to spend on local staff as there is a well qualified and large work force available in India
  • In process he visited EDSOI and check our check our customized service of Yellow Page Data Entry Services
  • Capturing classification heading
  • Directories are explanatory databases decided in a kind of ranked manner with branched division that maintain additional related information

This service can also be modified based on the possibility and nature of your project. Strict testing is approved out to test the changes to the tool and then they are put to work.

We are ready to execute outsource White/Yellow page data entry from small to large volumes at affordable costs. Do contact us for your White/Yellow Pages Data Entry Services requirement at It will be our pleasure to assist you and your business.