EDSOI – Why outsource?why outsourcing


Companies these days have only one brief from the top management – cost reduction. With the economy still struggling to recover itself, cost reduction seems like a logical choice. Cost reduction would improve profits which will result in better earnings for the shareholders and more money for future expansion.

Logistics, the one area which faces the most pinch in terms of cost reduction, in most companies is a well oiled machine. How does a company then further reduce its costs? By outsourcing those services which do not belong to the core competencies of the business.

Business functions like back-end office work, e-commerce management, data entry and data processing services, image processing and web research are functions that you can outsource to EDSOI.

Why should you outsource?

You can expect the following advantages by outsourcing the above mentioned business functions to EDSOI:

  • Save the time, effort and resources on setting up the infrastructure needed on services that can otherwise easily be outsourced to EDSOI
  • Save about 60% of your operating cost. You get the same quality of services but at a fraction of cost if you outsource your non-core business functions to us at EDSOI
  • By outsourcing your non-core activities, you are free to concentrate on your core competencies
  • Take advantage of our experience and professional services
  • Gain competitive advantage over your competitors by reduced costs, quick decision-making and overall efficiency


Why choose us?

We not only provide services for business functions like back-end office work, e-commerce management, data entry and data processing, etc. but we also provide solutions. We collaborate with other departments of your company who require information/data so that information flow is maintained and they can take informed decisions.

Contact us today for more opportunities to outsource your business functions to EDSOI.