Security for Data Entry Projects and Management Services

Being in the business of data management services, with special focus on data entry services, we understand the importance of keeping the data of our clients secure and separate. We thus have a comprehensive security program that can be translated into measurable and achievable goals and objectives.

The features of Edsoi’s security policy include:

  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements are signed and bind every employee
  • Security personnel are available to guard the physical properties at the offices
  • Employees have restricted access to information with entry allowed only to their own workstations
  • Unauthorized access to data centres is prohibited
  • No type of information, in any form, can be taken in without written permission
  • Every workstation of every employee is password protected with passwords being changed every six months etc.


At EDSOI, we take security of our client information seriously. Every precaution is taken to prevent security leaks and breaches. In case of any leaks or breaches, strict punitive action is taken against the guilty party to contain the situation and undertake damage control.