In the e-commerce generation where everything is available online, promotional products are “free” products which are sent to a potential customer’s home to introduce them to the product and the brand. This helps in building a rapport as well as creates visibility in the minds of the customers. This form of marketing is known as market penetration when a brand is trying to enter a market which has too many substitutes to its product. Such a form of activity offers the company to create awareness of its brand and product.

If you are planning to launch a new e-commerce store and would like to do promotional product data entry, we can help you.

Our Promotional Product Entry services include:

  • Research for product information
  • Select a category and sub-category for product entry
  • Adding or removing product as per stock available
  • Adding logo watermarks on product pictures to create greater visibility
  • Product image editing to enhance SKUs
  • Adding properties of products for SEO


Why hire us for E Commerce Services?

  • We have a dedicated team E commerce Services
  • Years of experience in this domain
  • Cost Effective Services & reliable solutions


If you still have doubts, let us handle a sample job to boost your confidence in us. Contact us at to further discuss your requirements for promotional product entry services.