Processing of data into meaningful / informative format is all about the Data processing services. The sole purpose of such services to make comparative analysis of business policies, sales report in order to prepare a structure set of data full of thoughtful attributes.

As Data Processing is one of the fastest growing fields in outsourcing industry. EDSOI insure the whole range of data management services. Our services include OCR Scanning and Proofreading Services and Document Formatting to Data Conversion Services and PDF Data Conversion Services. For our many clients we have done Data extraction services with stiff concentration, Data Enrichment and Cleansing, Data Verification Services, Marketing Processing Services, Kindle eBook Conversion Services, Reverse E-mail Appending Services, Insurance Claim Processing Services, Form Fill-up Services and Survey Data Processing. We have accepted the challenge to give best quality and to multiply their joy at affordable prices. We at EDSOI furnishes following

Affordable Data Processing Services are:

  • Data Entry Services (including online / offline services)
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Mining
  • Data capturing services
  • Data Extraction
  • Spread Sheet Entries
  • Keyboard Punching Services
  • Form Processing Services
  • Data conversion
  • OCR-scanning / Clean up processing


We can assist you in building customized information and intelligently manage your present data, edit / update existing information, check the error / Proofread new entries in order to conceive preciseness and uniqueness.

We specialized in capturing, digitization and processing any raw data. We use strong in-house technique to handle large volume of data whether it’s a handwritten survey forms or paper documents. Our professional project managers and team leaders are quite capable in top notch communication, quick follow-up and commitment of quality has earned us repeat business and lots of satisfied customers. Our best IT administration includes strict monitoring that ensures great security of the client’s data.

We have been providing data processing services intended to meet up the specific needs of organizations all over the globe. We offer a complete paper to electronic solution.

We do free sample work to our clients just to give them fair idea, so try our sample work and then decide. Please do contact us for your Electronic Data Processing service requirements at