offline data entry services

If you have the right and crucial information before hand, you have better chance to list your firm and to overcome the obstacle of policy making and analysis. Offline Data Entry Services is a subset of data entry. Offline data entry involves of act of entering specific information into the computer as per Client requirements and specifications

Requirements for Offline Data Entry Services:

  • One who have good knowledge of internet services
  • On who have good speed of keyboarding.
  • One who have the ability to work on the software application and basic computer knowledge


EDSOI have experienced staff having the ability to work on such offline data entry projects with time bound and accuracy furnish all above requirements. We at EDSOI took data entry projects and manage them with professional task with the help of highly proficient and devoted staff in order to provide error free processing.

We have a team to recheck the updated database so that client receive the accurate data, free from any typing error and once this process is finished we resend it to the team leader to upload the database on FTP or specified mailing list so that client receive it on time.

Offline Data Entry Projects Include

  • E-book data entry
  • Offline Form Filling
  • Offline Data Entry from different formats.
  • Data entry into software application or database program


We are capable of managing data from diverse formats no matter whether they are printed matters or in image format.  We assure to tender even the most complex data with a great deal of accuracy.

To whom the EDSOI is concerned

welcome customers and accept warmly with their requirements, it doesn’t matter whether a client belongs to small business unit or he is owner of big firm or he is working single. We feel pleasure in assisting your work and have an ability to handle both tedious and comprehensive offline data entry projects.

EDSOI is already engaged in fulfilling the demands of various clients who belong to the diverse field as listed below

  • Advertising
  • Publishing companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Health care facilities
  • Legal firms
  • Financial and accounting


Sample works are gladly received, just to gain your assurance with our excellent quality. Do contact for Professional Offline Data entry requirements at