Documentation is an essential task to perform in a firm. In order to overcome these documents companies perform time-consuming manual data entry or keyboarding of depicted text, which seems not a right approach to the work, instead one can switch to document management software to handle is properly.

OCR Process

The process is initiated with scanning of paper files so that it can be viewed as image. The methods used for such purpose is Document coding and OCR with primary goal to capture text and get the benefit of effective filling system. OCR converts the paper text in ASCII or Unicode. All this process needs sensitive approach and great concentration.

OCR is an essential field in data entry and word processing where machines comprehend depicted text, images, and tables from hard copy like catalog, paper in order to transform them in digital formats in order to make significant cost cutting in paper management and instant access to the valuable information on clicks.

EDSOI Services

  • Cleanup of OCR output by trained and skilled employees with 99.99% Accuracy.
  • We have excellent hand in word processing and have an ability to fulfill your specific requirements.
  • We have an ability to produce Book, journal, Manual and Questionnaires in order to store data in electronic formats.
  • Proof reading services
  • Latest scanning technology and infrastructure.
  • Provides cost effective solution.

Do contact us with your OCR / scanning services EDSOI ensure you about the confidentiality and security of data. Sample works are welcome free of cost just to win your confidence with our services.