We provide at EDSOI – high level, Email has now become the crucial means of data broadcast and customer relationship management. Outsourcing email support services can help you answer these email interrogation from customers within a fast rotate time. When you outsource email support services, you can save on valuable time and focus more on your organization’s center competencies.

We give support services for technical as well as non-technical products and services. You can be certain that all your emails would be answered and your customer queries addressed. Our customers have benefited from our quick comeback time.

Benefit of Outsourcing Email Support Services

  • Having your customer’s email queries answered promptly, efficiently and accurately is bound to increase customer satisfaction
  • Reliable email support services
  • Having a professional offshore email based support system ensures lower call volumes and substantially reduces costs for voice support
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Email Setup Support
  • Email Rules Setup
  • An Offshoring business email support service enables you to balance load between peak and off-peak periods.

EDSOI is a leading international service contributor of support services for Technical and Non-Voice Technical Support. Start outsourcing your business support and non-voice technical support services today!

Do contact us with your Back office and Email Services requirements. Sample works are welcome free of cost just to win your confidence with our services at