Word Formatting Services

We provide at EDSOI – high level, formatting a document is a very essential object. Many are oblivious of the power and use of using styles during the edifice of documents. Formatting is setting limits, tab positions, headers and footers for the complete document. It also entails defining headline styles, body text styles, spacing, explanation, ensuing paragraph styles, text flow, etc.

Best Document Formatting Services

Our purpose is to make the procedure of document formatting straightforward. We take your text, images and media in whatever format you have, and using explicit design and DTP applications, create documentation that is well presented and affiliated with your company branding and style.

For documents previously using a pattern, EDSOI reviews your document for presentation denseness and provides on-demand document assistance, as required.

  • Appropriate use of Style
  • Page outline
  • Segment numbering
  • Segment titles
  • Print or PDF problem

Benefits of Document Formatting

  • Interactive function supported by the format
  • True Portability and mobility
  • File density allowed
  • Visual element are conserved
  • Soaring level data encryption support

We do free sample work to our clients just to give them fair idea, so try our sample work and then decide. Please do contact us for your Document Formatting Service requirements at