Data mining is done to help in extraction of significant information for analysis, in order to increase the profitability with sole purpose to compare market tracking and monitoring, competitor growth with the help of web research and data extraction; thus help in decision making.

Data mining is done with sorting through huge chunks of databases entities in order to set up hidden relationships and identify patterns which are not revealed hence classifying the record facts and extracting relative information at continuous intervals.

Job Profile

Data mining is a continuous job, as market, product information doesn’t have stability, side by side customer profile and feedback often get updated on regular intervals.


  • Collecting data form web and building a database in excel.
  • Data cleansing and better quality
  • Capturing exact information by pursuing websites.


Benefits of Data mining

  • Increase the Earning and advantageousness
  • Investigate the presence of fraud
  • Fixing up risk management
  • One can do comfortable Data Manipulation
  • Supply data entries to different databases
  • Make one aware of Exact precise and updated information from your rivals


How can EDSOI help in doing so?

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  • Guaranteed free risk outsourcing with easy access, EDSOI ensure you about the confidentiality and security of data.
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