Our Bulk product upload service is especially for those who are in the process of setting up an online store. Before the online store can be opened up to the public, the products you are offering need to be added.

Adding these products for the very first time is a tedious task to say the least. Think about the number of products you have, their features, titles, descriptions and think about feeding them all one-product at a time. You will be doing nothing but feeding information for weeks! That’s where bulk product upload comes in handy.

What is bulk product upload?

There are numerous tools available in the market that will make your life easier! This tool can help you in populating your online store with the products you need, when this list is being populated for the very first time. Instead of doing it one-product at a time, the tool will:

  • Take the information file from the vendor which contains product information
  • Reformat the file to suit the specifications of the software
  • Direct import of product onto the site


Apart from using this tool to populate a list for the first time, it can be used for other functions as well. For example:

  • To remove a list of products that have been discontinued
  • To add a new list of latest products on the online store
  • To add/remove products based on their status like out of stock, in stock, on offer, etc.


Why choose us?

Instead of buying expensive software, obtaining training in how to work it and then spending time and effort of your personnel on this important yet tiresome task, you can let us do this service for you.

This way, you save money on purchasing and training. You also save time by avoiding possible leaks or errors. Our team of experts on bulk product upload tools will do this important yet arduous task both error-free and quickly.

Contact us today for more information.