EDSOI is best suit, who is seeking Email collector services, with excellent data capturing staff. We are very handful in providing virtual assistant for your requirement.

Data Capturing & Web Research Project, India

Data capturing service is to enter information from hard copies to digitalize format. EDSOI offer varied range of in this sort of service for compatibility of the database. The services are following:

  • Converting Flat ASCII files (Text)
  • Preparing data for Microsoft Access files
  • Microsoft Excel files
  • Form Processing
  • Electronic publication
  • Record management
  • Document Scanning
  • Email collector services


We can convert data in any format as per requirement of client and standard of the IT industry. We furnish data capturing service to give detail attributes as being specified in client’s format. Our team has hand to hand experience with document processing and capable of handing microfilms, tapes etc in order to insert them in spreadsheet.

We believe in accuracy, processing speed and reliable delivery of project before the assigned deadline side by side provide cost effective solution than your in-house activity. The cost and expenditure of the assigned project depends on the complication of data format, volume and duration of project period.

Our dedicated team check validations and make data redundancy check to avoid duplicates in data; as it is being well noticed while converting with OCR Process that software necessarily omit data which require a proofreading. Hence making digitalized data secure, accessible and easy retrieval of indexed information. We are well equipped with latest tool and software technology to fulfill your critical needs in business.

We take sample work to give a fair idea of our talent, so try our sample work and then decide to contact for your data capturing services and solution at